Cuerpos Geométricos Fluorescentes

Cuerpos geométricos fluorescentes i



Cuerpos Geométricos Fluorescentes,  2011.

Dimensions: Tables 85 cm tall and 8″x4″ and 7″x4″ size tops (front one is the smaller one) and video projection approx. 50cm x 35cm. Materials are repainted found metal table legs and mdf.

Borrowing the title from a Mexican schoolbook in geometry this installation reflects on hierarchies within learning environments, passive aggression and the difference between inside and outside colours of green. The video shows a tulip in a sunlit garden filmed with a hand held camera and strong zoom lens. The tulip in the video becomes a way of measuring the exaggerated movements of the hand holding the camera, just as the many legs of the tables seem to measure the movements of the viewer, keeping them at a distance.